Trendy Thursdays

Trendy Thursdays :

Today’s look is created from a lucky shopping trip yesterday. If you did not know, Macy’s has a FreePeople section in the store! YES its true. They have great deals and the latest fashions. Their collection even includes some items from FreePeople’s November catalog. As I was bProcessed with Rookierowsing, I noticed a sale rack with a sign that said 65% off..unbelievable. I came across this lovely dress with no price on itFullSizeRender (1), I found a scanner that said the original price was $90..I purchased this dress for only $18 with the veterans day sale happening now! I paired this dress with
Knee-High socks from Target and my favorite lace up boots from Reflection. I added some jewelry a floral vest (not shown in picture) and a jean jacket. I would also style this dress with a back leather moto jacket, black tights, and black crew socks with a textured healed- ankle boot. This would create a more edge/modern look! Trendy Thursday will be a weekly update along with Trendy Tuesday, more coming  your way!


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