Antique Shop: Antique Trove

Antique Trove

Today, I decided to visit a HUGE antique shop that is very close to my house. It is located on Scottsdale Rd. betweeunnamed (1)n McDowell and Thomas. They had everything from vintage clothing to scary dolls! A lot of the items were reasonably priced and others WAY over priced. The organization was a bit hectic considering its overflowing with trinkets, but was divided into different themes. You walk into a small 5 by 5 section and feel girly, then walk into the next one and wanting to put on some cowboy boots with a matching hat and jump on a horse! I was most intrigued by a small wire made manikin full of jewels, it was so unique and I might be going back for it soon! Unfortunately I did not capture a picture of this marvelous piece, but it will be useful for hanging jewelry and a hat. Other favorite items I came across FullSizeRender2were some original  Snoopy Peanuts books, lunch boxes, stuffed animals, ornaments, and many more! Snoopy has been my favorite comic and cartoon shows, seeing items from early 1960’s fascinated me. This book was full of funny Snoopy sayings and the “original” Snoopy character. I cannot wait to go back and discover more! I suggest trying it out in your local area, antiques shop are full of treasure and creativity. Please go with a open-mind, then the more exciting your quest will be!

This Wizard of Oz display was phenominal! $400! unnamed

FullSizeRender4Various paintings and vintage pictures roamed many walls,

                                              there was not one inch of this magical place left empty.



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