Mascara Madness Monday

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When you walk into Sephora you will see many “Sephora’s Favorites” displays. One of the popular ones is Sephora’s Favorites Mascara because a girl cannot go with out a nice mascara! Here are some of my favorites and why! Hopefully this helps you on your next trip to sephora!

4. Better Thas1533439-main-hero-300n Sex by Too Faced:This mascara created so much advertisement and I was not impressed. I really do enjoy the brush, I love how it makes my lashes voluminous but the formula is a con. It was very “crummy” once you apply it, it seems fine, throughout the day fall out occurred. If I had to rate this I would rate it a 7/10. Cute packaging but not what I expected with how they talked up this mascara.


3. Lights, Camera, Splashes by Tarte: A lot of bloggers really loved this mascara which is why I picked it up. This Mascara is the opposite of Too Faced its is wet with a thinner brush. I like using this for my bottom lashes because my bottom lashes are longer than my little baby top lashes. This mascara’s formula is great  just take a long time to dry. It does not give my lashes a voluminous look. I would rate this about a 7 or a 8.

s1343938-main-hero-3002. They’re Real Mascara by Benefit: I absolutely love the design of this brush! The formula makes a curled eyelash last all day. The end of the brush really helps get the hard to reach lashes in the inner corner and outer of your lashes. It also helps separate any clumping. I wish benefit would create a better formula for They’re Real. I would rate this an 8 because it never fails to make my lashes look fuller and longer!

1. Perversion by Urban Decay: This is a new mascara that came out not too long ago and I am absolutelyimages (8) in love with it! I got sent a sample when it was first launched, the little sample lasted a few months! I recently purchased the full-sized because this is perfect for my lashes. Not only is the formula great but the brush is full and big just like the appearance of your lashes when you use it! I only get fall out when I attempt to put more layers on once when its dry. I only do so because I rub my eyes at times and mess up my lashes not because the first application didn’t last all day. This mascara also enhances a natural curled eye lash, I haven’t curled my eye lashes since I have used this mascara because it is perfect on its own. The only con to this mascara is that it works 10x better with Perversion Primer! The primer creates the lashes to look fuller and not all stuck together plus creates a longer hold and blacker appearance. I would rate the mascara a 9/10! I would say 10/10 when you use the primer with it!



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