BhCosmetics vs Coastal Scents:

BhCosmetics Vs Coastal Scents

Two well known cosmetics website both sell a contour and kit but the question is, which one is worth buying? If you have not heard of Coastal Scents or BhCosmetics, then you’re missing out, they are both great website with high quality makeup and beauty products for a good price!

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_4 This is the packaging and the size difference. The Costal Scents is the larger one and the BhCosmetics is the smaller. The Coastal scents one, is extremely larger than the BhCosmetics but the quality is the major difference.

I would not buy the Coastal Scents contour palette if I was asked to. The Coastal Scents is very messy and no matter what I did, it does not blend at all! The only part of the palette I like is the FullSizeRender_2white powder, mainly because I do not have another one. I use FullSizeRender_3the white for eye shadow and highlighting the brow bone.  The BhCosmetics palette I was not impressed with either. It is a better quality than Coastal Scents, but smaller. The powders blend very well but the contour shades are very transparent in my opinion. My favorite part of the BhCosmetics palette is the banana color to set my concealer because it is not too thick nor too pigmented for the face. Overall I expected a better quality, but do enjoy both brands  in their other products. Feel free to check them out yourself:



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