Trendy Tuesday: Berry Tight

In the fall, well in “Arizona” fall, the weather is very bipolar. Last week I was lounging in shorts and now I am trying to find all the blankets in the house to stay warm in tProcessed with Rookiehe nights and mornings. It is hard to figure out an outfit for the day when its low o

f 40 degrees but high in mid 70’s. You have to decide between being warm in the mornings or sweating in the afternoon. A way to answer those bipolar fall days, is to lightly layer. Yes, layering is the answer to every thing this season. In my look;ย I have paired tights, a skirt, knit sweater, but in the morning I had a light blue trench coat. The light blue trench coat from Pac Sun, was easy to take off and kept me warm in the morning. It was also a great way toProcessed with Rookie add color to this look.

Textures and patterns can turn any outfit look like there was time and money spent on an outfit. My knit sweater is from Brandy Melville, its not too Processed with Rookiebulky or boxy which complements the high wasted floral skater skirt from Forever 21 well. Tights are one of my favorite pieces to add to an outfit, here I added some berry colored tights I found from Target. Of course on my feet are my favorite lace up boots! This look can be altered many ways, taller boots, or shorter boots with some cute crew socks! I kept it simple today, but adding color and patterns in your look can be risky for some. Don’t be afraid to add color or a weird pattern to a outfit!



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