DIY: Under $5-Dog Christmas Wreath

IMG_6031Ok I know this isn’t a usual fashion or beauty post but I want to still do ‘lifestyle’ ideas and share them with all of you! Tis’ the season to start Christmas Early? Well that’s what it seems like, if you have not been celebrating or preparing for the upcoming Christmas the day after Halloween then you are already behind! With Christmas madness I cannot help but browse through all the festive decorations from gingerbread houses to 50ft Christmas trees, it is all overwhelming. I came across a decorative wreath with bones all over it! Of course it was around $30 for something so simple and cute.. so  I had to recreate it in the cheapest way!


  • Glue Gun + Glue Sticks (I always seem to forget the glue)
  • A ‘Bone’ Stencil or a handy picture of a bone to retrace (if needed!)Processed with Rookie
  • Pencil
  • A doggy to love!

From Dollar Store:

1. Wreath (1) of your liking

2. Twist Ties (An alternative if you don’t have a Glue Gun+Glue)

From a Craft Store( just because my dollar store did not have and fleece/felt!):

3. Fleece (chose your color!)

  • Off-White Color, Green, Red

Processed with RookieProcessed with RookieProcessed with RookieProcessed with Rookie Processed with Rookie

This idea will not only be great in your own home for your pets..but in other’s homes! Give as a small gift to a family member, friend, or do this activity with them!  If you’re not a dog person making silhouette of cats onto the wreath will be great with maybe cutouts of fishes! Hopefully your furry friends will enjoy this new decor!



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