Cheap Way to Clean Brushes!

FullSizeRenderMany advertisers and people convince you, that you need a 30 dollar brush shampoo and conditioner, yes they are nice and work excellent, but there are alternative ways. Anti-bacterial soaps and coconut oil/olive oil (to moisturize) can work just as well to clean those dirty makeup brushes. Cleaning your brushes are actually a daily task that must be done, if you have sensitive skin I recommend cleaning your brushes regularly.FullSizeRender_1 Bacteria and old makeup that is trapped in your brushes will cause a breakout and not apply your makeup as smooth. Lets face it, if you’re lazy like me, it is hard to wash your brushes regularly. If you’re in a rush and about to leave the house; simply soak your brushes until you get back!

Here, I applied some dish soap and coconut oil in a paper bowl FullSizeRender_3(nothing fancy) and some water! You can soak them if that is the most convenient for you, or follow the next steps right away! I squeezed my makeupย brushes under cool-warm water and dried with an old towel. Some might need more cleaning than others. Make sure you do not squeeze too hard because you might ruinFullSizeRender_2 some angled brushes. This is a very safe way for a cheap cleaning technique!

This next part is optional, but a quick way to clean brushes prior to the wash above or after, I suggest using this ELF makeup brush cleaner!ย (ONLY 3 DOLLARS!)ย It smelFullSizeRender_4ls like lavender daisy goodness..ok maybe not exactly like that… but it smells good. It really makes your brushes softer and newer. I actually accidentally ordered this from amazon when I thought it was the ELF setting spray. I was happy with this mistake and I have found extremely useful. I just washed a few of my favorite and most used brushes and it they feel and look brand new!


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