Five ways to be stress-free during FINALS!

If you are with holding tears every time you try and study for all your finals, these little tips will be helpful for you! I understand we may not all have time to pamper ourselves but here are five fast and easy ways to keep your mind and body moving!


1. FACE MASKS: We cannot all go check in a spa for a nice facial to feel relaxed, but a nice at home masks can feel just as great. I recently wanted to try out the $1.50 face masks from Target because they were in these cute packets! They had a wide variety of types from stress relief to anti-aging, I chose a rejuvenating one. This packet is probably good for about 3-4 uses, it has a lot of product! All you have to do is wash your face with warm water then apply, but iI took off any makeup I had because I feel it tends to clog my pores if i don’t do it before hand. I just used to fingers to spread an even layer onto my face. When this mask dried I noticed it did not feel like hard easy to crack mold, it was very smooth and soothing. The great thing about home masks is that you put them on and leave for 10-15 minutes. You can study during that time, and take your shower after ot just wash it off. I always feel like “I have a new face” once I rinse of my masks because taking off that dead skin can not only clear your face but clear your mind!

2.INFUSED WATER: If you’re up late during finals, you should not be giving your body energy drinks and your favorite Starbucks drink with 5 pumps of caffeine in the mornings. Some of my favorite drinks are now are my infused waters. I personally cannot just drink bottles of water, I need some flavor! If you have a large water bottle hanging around or maybe some mason jars you can easily prepare a healthy drink after your all nighter.Infused water are commonly used for detoxing, but I enjoy the refreshing feeling I get throughout my body. Before I go to bed I cut up lemons and cucumber, then put it in my water bottle to let sit over night. Infused water helps hydrated you unlike caffeinated drinks. I also enjoy having strawberries and lime mixed.There are plenty of combinations, try it out with your favorite fruits, it will surely help start your day!

3. STAY ACTIVE: I know this is hard to do in general, but I recently have realized I need to stay active. With my crazy schedule and classes I found time to fit about an hour and a half jog. Of course, I did not go alone, I took my dog! Since I recently moved I wanted to take a run to know the neighbor hood more, but did not realize how much better i would feel. I had a difficult test today in my math class, on top of it being the week before finals! This test stressed me out so much, all I wanted to was sleep. Once I decided to take my jog, I came back home and instantly was in a better mood. Yes it did tire me out a bit, but the energy your body receives after can drive you into accomplishing more! Just find at least 30 minutes in your day to get your body moving in order for your mind to move too!

4. PLAN YOUR DAY:Β When someone is stressed they are most likely going to forget little tasks or assignments that are Β needed to be done. It is important to keep a place where you can write down all things you are stressing about. Stress is usually because you are constantly thinking about “what needs to be done and when.” Writing out your test dates, how/when/where you can study, important homework assignments, and personal things in one place will allow your mind to see it than jumble up in your mind. You can buy a little planner to fit in your bag or use a mobile app planner, i would suggest in your notes but it is hard to set up based on due dates.

5. EAT HEALTHY:Β We all love those french fries, favorite chips, and favorite drink, although they make us happy junk foods can make our body slow down. It is a great idea to follow your cravings…in the moment but after we all tend to say “I shouldn’t have ate that.” Protein, greens, and non processed foods can change your mind set. If you’re eating fried potatoes…you’re going to feel like a fried potato. Going out to a drive thru can also add up, not having money during finals week will just add to more things to worry about!


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