Meet “Adriana With The Camera!”

Yesterdays outfit post with all the amazing pictures were all taken by my friend Adriana Maya:IMG_9118

My shooting took place in Downtown Phoenix, AZ on Saturday afternoon by a young lady who is passionate about her work. IMG_9546IMG_9497

Adriana is currently a student at Arizona State University majoring in photography and has used her creativity beyond class assignments!

Photo Sep 29, 5 52 32 AM

Photo Oct 10, 5 48 20 AMI’ve shot for a lot of restaurants
and jewelry  places recently. Like Butterfields, Brat Haus, and Gilbert Ortega. But I really love to shoot with people.  People fascinate me and you can really enjoy talking and getting to know people when you shoot with them.

-Adriana made me feel so comfortable when shooting with her, it was such a great time for boPhoto Sep 23, 2 04 45 PMth of us. She makes shooting in places where strangers are constantly looking at you, fun and exciting!

Question #1: What would be some tips for new photographers out there?

Adriana’s Answer:  Tips for new photographers is to learn how you use your camera on manual mode! Play with your settings and read all you can about your camera! There’s a good chance it can do a lot more then your automatic settings allow you to do!

– Adriana shows all the great things you can capture with this tip in some of her work below!

Photo Apr 27, 7 11 49 AM Photo Aug 05, 5 17 48 AMPhoto Aug 05, 5 09 37 AM

Question #2: What is a major element you look for in your photography? Photo Aug 31, 6 50 21 AM

One major element I look for in shooting is light. Without light there is no photograph. At  ASU they teach you to be a “light freak” which means really understand light and how it will look on your subject.

– During my photoshoot, Adriana showed how much she cared about good lighting. She would find the perfect spots, and embrace it! She was Very creative with her lighting and was always looking for a new ‘perfect spot.’Photo Oct 05, 6 39 33 AMPhoto Oct 05, 6 13 38 AM

Question #3: What piece are you most proud of?

My proudest work is whatever I’ll create next! Right now I’m really focused on learning and getting better and better. I know the only way to get better is to shoot a lot and I’m trying to do that as much as I can!

BE SURE TO FOLLOW ADRIANA MAYA on INSTAGRAM: @adrianawiththecamera – that way you wont miss any of her newest pictures!


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