Anastasia Contour Kit- Makeup Review + dupe!

There is so much talk of the famous Anastasia Contour Kit, for a good reason!

I have been using this contour book for a few weeks now, and I love it! I did honestly think it was better, considering how many people own and rave about this product.  IMG_2900IMG_2898

The contour kit includes 6 powders when you purchase it in-store, but you can customize your own online! I wanted this one because I like the shades especially the banana powder (shade 2) for setting highlighted ares of my face. What I do enjoy about the 3 contour shades is they aren’t orange toned. The 6th one on the bottom is, but is a nice shade to warm up your look. The other shades are grey toned which create a more natural shadow for contouring. These powders are easy to blend, with the right brush, and stay on all day. I would recommend this for people who love playing with contour or that want to learn! I have been wondering if the new Kat Von D is better, if you have tried let me know!

Is it worth the money? I really like this contour kit, but I was not blown away by the quality of product. Considering I have FullSizeRender_2the BhCosmetics Forever Nude Contour kit which include the same shades except a peach toned one (shade #1), but instead has a nice blush. I prefer my Anastasia one when it comes to quality, but if you’re looking for a inexpensive alternative then purchase the BhCosmetics one! (you can head to their site from my site on the sidebar)



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