Meet Meredith the Bunny-Life Update

I recently got a new bunny a few weeks ago (I also have a Dog-Jaxson and a Cat -Spencer), and figured i’d share this exciting adorable news with all of you! Im saying a ‘new’ bunny because I had 2 bunnies for a few years..but they were eaten from a coyote (that’s Arizona for you!)  

2015-01-22 03.44.262015-01-22 03.43.43Anyhow, this is Meredith Grey! Yes, after Grey’s Anatomy. My boyfriend (Lorenzo), and I jokingly said it but stuck with it! I wanted to name her Tarte, but that didn’t happen. She is the sweetest and happiest bunny who loves to beg for treats. download

Meredith is around 7 weeks and is a Holland lop bunny. Her ears flop as she is running around trying to find corners to curl up in. She shows her affection liking you very lightly, but if you just ate.. watch out for a little nibble.

2015-01-27 03.28.45

Bunnies are a great deal of responsibility and need lots of attention. We have been trying to potty train her, and training her to be a house bunny. She occasionally rolls over, its extremely adorable but she does not know how to do so on command yet.

If you want an2015-01-27 03.25.51y bunny care tips, or more info on the responsibility of taking care of a bunny let me know!



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