Benefit Roller Lash- REVIEW

IMG_3411 IMG_3413I have been skeptical on buying the Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit, when I received emails of the launch and to purchase it early, I was thinking “ehhh do I really need it?” I was wrong I do need it!

I have been on the search for a new mascara, I have been using my favorite one since the summer (Urban Decay Perversion). I have been on the hunt for a new favorite since I have tried a lot. Here is why the Roller Lash has become my new favorite!


I am usually use to huge mascaras, the ones with thick brushes and make my eyelashes look full an luscious! So buying a thin brush is not my usual. IMG_3416

When I first applied the mascara, I swear they made my eyelashes look SMALLER! I was starting to get very angry. I had to apply many coats to achieve the look I wanted.

The brush is called the “Hook’N’Roll” brush! And once I applied the mascara (ALOT)  I realized it lives up to that name. I’ve noticed that most mascaras just lay the product on there. It does not comb through the eye lashes, and just begins to look clumpy and dry. This mascara catches and lifts the curls. On the box it states the statistic that  “94% said eyes look more wide and open”… my hand is up high with those 94%. I received a few compliments on my lashes today, and those are the best compliments!

IMG_3419I would not say it gives a long-lasting curl, but the formula does not feel dry. My lashes feel like I just applied mascara. At the end of the day I usually feel my lashes harden and flakes that break off, but this mascara stops that madness!

Overall, there is more behind this extra cute packaging..its a great mascara for both top and bottom lashes. I recommend the Roller Lash from Benefit if you’re looking for a new favorite!IMG_3421




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