What’s in my Ipsy Glam Bag? | IPSY March 2015: Floral Fantasy


TIMG_3596his month’s Ipsy is an adorable spring theme, shown by the floral bag loaded with vivid colors of pink, blue, and yellow.  On the Floral Fantasy flyer has 4 of ipsy stylists and some of my favorite youtubers. You can tell the personality is very diverse with the different types of flowers and styles. Now, lets get into all the products I received this month!

1. Skyn Iceland- Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (x2): I was so happy to receive eye gels! I have been wanting to try some out for so long! These state “helps firm and deIMG_3603-puff within 10 mIMG_3600inutes.” They are hydro cool firming eye gels, which is suppose to help during stress. I think it would be a great idea to put them in the fridge overnight so they will be nice an cool when you put them on!

2. BB CusIMG_3607hion from Laneige (Only at Target): It is world’s first, fastest and foundation-forward product that offIMG_3631ers 5-in-1 skincare in a compact form. The foundation itself is in a cushion and you apply it with the antimicrobial puff, by IMG_3629pressing the puff into IMG_3608 moistened sponge and pat onto face. These are available in 3 different shades, I tested it out on my arm and was pleasantly surprised about how amazing this product feels! I also love how it is mess free unlike creams.

3. Pūr~lisse Beauty Cleanser/Makeup Remover: You can never have too much of makeup removers! This states it gently washes away dirt and even mascara! It is good IMG_3610for all skin types, and since I have sensitive baby skin, the white tea in this product should be perfect for soothing and preventing damage to my skin. The way this product smells is alright, but i’m not a big fan of soy protein scent, which is very strong in this product.

4. Chella Face Highlighter (Ivory): When I saw this I thought “UGH another hard pencil face product that is going to be hard to use.” I was wrong! I was so happy to swatch and uIMG_3615se this, to find how smooth this product is. I used this on the bridge of nose, water line, inner corner of my eyes, and tried to highlight my unIMG_3618der eyes. The product on my face did not go so well, It is great for small areas like cupids bow, eyes, brow bone, and nose but not for a contouring/highlighting tool. I am still very happy with this product and will try to find more uses for it!

5. NYX Butter Lipstick: I received the color BLS17, Pops Explosif. I love NYX products, IMG_3611but I feel like I have been receiving them in EVERY ipsy bag. Along with other similar products, I wish I received IMG_3621different items than what I have already received. BUT, I LOVE this lipstick color. I have tried many lip products from NYX but these butter lipsticks are so hydrating its hard to hate them. Not only that, but the pigmentation is amazing! I know for a fact this lipstick is going to be my favorite this month. This color is a great transition into spring with a light mauve brown/red/nude micture:D

THE BAG: As I said in the beginning the colors are so vibrant and make so happy for this sunny spring! The bag itself is a little bit bigger than usual, which is great for makeup essentials on the go! I hope Ipsy continues to change up the styles of the bags more often!


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