March 2015 Favorites! Beauty Products + Mini-Reviews!

IMG_4027 I just have a few March favorites,  which are really affordable and the things I tended to grab the most! These are perfect products to use this spring, I also will  be uploading a video later on today on how I created an easter look with most of these products.

IMG_40431. Roller Lash Mascara: Okay let’s face it, everyone should own this mascara! I already had a post on a review of the roller lash (check it out here!), and I have been using it everyday since!


2. Milani Lipstick: I have had this lipstick, and other shades for a while now, I just have been using the shade Nude Cream, everyday! It is very versatile and adds that light poIMG_4040p of color for spring. The quality of these lipsticks are insane! I also have been pairing it with an Essence Lip Liner=perfect combo!

IMG_40413. Smashbox Photo Ready Primer: I used to really hate the smell and how it would make my skin feel, but for some reason I have noticed magic in this tube! The formula is a light hydrating cream that provides an even skin tone. Since it is white, I thought I would have a white sheen once I put it on like the Angel Veil by NYX would do to me, but it did not! This is a “photo-ready” primer, and will be perfect for this time of year. This is the travel size, but I have had it for awhile now and lasts a long time!

IMG_4030 IMG_4031

4. ELF Blush Quad (dark): I have seen these quads a lot, and decided to try it out! I am not a huge blush fan, but these have changed the game! Having four blushes in one, allows me to mix colors and chose a different depending on the look I am going for. These blushes are the type where a little goes a long way! Beware of the first use, you might end up looking like you have a sunburn. These are also very easy to blend, and last all day. I got mine for $5 at Marshalls, and I have also seen them at TjMaxx.

IMG_4036 IMG_40375. BhCosmetics Enhancing Eyes-Beautiful Brunette: I bought this palette as soon as I saw it was available on the site! When I received it, I was disappointed in the size of this palette. It is extremely smaller than what I thought when compared to pictures. So I did not really play around with it until this past month.  I am now in love with the shades, I love purple for my eyes, and this palette comes with plenty. It is currently sold out, but I think having this small easy to-go palette is perfect for so many of us makeup lovers out there! I can fit this palette easily in my Ipsy bag, for travel use.



  1. I love your favorites!! The Milani lipstick in Nude Creme is my favorite right now too! I am so in love with that shade! I use it all of the time. 🙂 I have the Elf blush quad in light and it’s such a great blush palette. Then I also have the Bh Cosmetics Enhancing Eyes palette for Green Eyes. Love it!! ❤ xo

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  2. Looks Like Urban Decay Brand… Most people are crazy enough to spend 50-60 Dollars for Urban Decay, as I do understand that their make up is incredible, but what they don’t realize is they are paying for a name. There are so many other brands that are so much less, and provide the same results. Looks like you made a good choice, even though it was smaller then you anticipated.

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