IMG_4146So I cannot believe I barely noticed this, I have had a a palette which was in monthly favorites that is VERY similar to Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. This dupe is the Enhancing eyes palette for brown eyes! 

IMG_4134 IMG_4132Its is not identical BUT they are so similar it is insane, the shades and tones just fall into the same category. There are only 12 small shades in the BhCosmetics, but 16 large shades in the Chocolate palette. 

IMG_4148In the Chocolate Palette “Strawberry Bon Bon” (lightest pink) is the least pigmented shade. But the lightest shade, “shell” in the BhCosmetics Palette is similar and more pigmented!

TIMG_4142he swatch on the left is TooFaced “Triple Fudge” and on the right “Gunsmoke” from Bh. Although the BhCosmetics is more purple tones, I think this is a great dupe when trying to achieve similar eye looks.

All the swatches on the left are from the chocolate bar palette and on the right Enhancing Eyes Palette:

IMG_4138 IMG_4139The swatches above are the brown and gold shades compared, as you can see they are almost the same but the BhCosmetics ones are a little bit lighter.

IMG_4145Quality wise, Too Faced is by far better. I can use the chocolate bar palette without a primer, and with one swipe I can get way more product. The Enhancing Eyes takes a little extra to build on, but just depends on the look you are going for!

If you have been dying to get the shades from the Chocolate Bar Palette, costing around 50 bucks you should absolutely spend $7.95 on this palette! I can guarantee you wont be disappointed, plus it is very handy! These two pIMG_4152alette have been hands down my most used eyeshadows, I have been trying to use different things but I can stop using both my Chocolate Bar Palettes and this BhCosmetics one.

PS: I ALMOST FORGOT look how cute Meredith is on the Instagram page of TooFaced!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 5.33.39 PMI am so happy they reposted it and very grateful, they are my favorite makeup brand!



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