Lorenzo & Anica: 3 Year Anniversary Photos- By AdrianaWithTheCamera


I wantIMG_0046ed to share some amazing photos done bIMG_0210y my friend Adriana (HER BLOG HERE). She also took my photos for Spring Outfits Post back in January and helped me film
my first youtube video!  Lorenzo and I recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary, so we wanted to take some pictures for the first time! We took these pictures near mountains and in water, in the lovely Arizona Desert. Plus an outfit breakdown of what we wore.


IMG_0250 IMG_0150

We were not positive on a location, but we headed out of the city and near saguaro lake. We ended up at a crIMG_0021eek, after the twisting turns and seeing beautiful mountains, we found a intimate location while the sun was setting. As we were trying not to run out of sunlight, we walked through some nasty water and avoided weird crabs, to capture beautiful pictures.

Adriana was so amazing, she took off her sneakers and got in the creek to capture perfect shots. IMG_0188We found a adorable little frog who apparently just wanted some friends to hold him. Lorenzo is my boyfriend and my best friend, I know cheesy, but he never fails to make me smile and understands how my brain works.

Having this photoshoot, where I have to stare into IMG_0450
IMG_9997his eyes and be stuck like glue, I would feel the crazy butterflies throughout my body. It does not feel like we have been together for so long because every day is a new adventure and new reason to loIMG_0311ve him more and more. I think all couples should have photos taken, you will feel so much closer to each other and more appreciative of who you get call “yours” everyday.



Button Down Top & Pants: H&M

Tie: Ross!



Dress: Tillys

Shoes: Gladiator Sandals from Windsor

Jewelry: Rue21 & Wet Seal

IMG_0293We all had tons of fun, and I hope you enjoyed this little post about my life and recent adventure. Lorenzo and I both want to thank Adriana again for taking phenomenal pictures!:)

Adriana has a wonderful blog at: http://adrianawiththecamera.com/ Her work is consisted of beautiful people in beautiful places and more! She is located in Arizona, and like I said in a previous post, is studying photography at Arizona State University. Follow her blog to see her amazing work! See what she posted on about our shoot and her experience HERE.

IMG_0507 IMG_0396 IMG_9993 IMG_0325




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