LA PALETTE NUDE 2: review/swatches/makeup look tutorial

IMG_4197If you tend to walk through the makeup aisle in your local drugstore every chance you get, you might have seen the empty space in L’Oreal section with “coming soon La Palette Nude 1 & 2.” I know when I saw it I was looking behind the picture like “what IMG_4202the heck! ย I want it!” I bought it last week at Target, which was about $15. At Ulta, they are selling these for almost $20 so going to a local drugstore will be probably be the better deal. I am so pleased that more drugstore brands are making larger palettes and pleased by the quality.

Cos43h_1_pack-shot2There is the Nude 1 and 2, but I purchased the 2 because I felt the Nude 1 looked too much like the Maybelline nudes palette (pictured in the left). I also made a post on the Maybelline palette if you want to check that out here. I also chose Nude 2 because I have been loving purples lately and this plum based palette is perfect.


L’Oreal Nude 2 Review:

I have been using this palette for about a full week, and I think it is worth the money. Compared to $50 palettes, I think this will accomplish a purple smokey eyes just as well as high end palettes.


The shades are a great combination of shimmers and mattes. The pigmentation playoff is ok. The deeper shades are nicely pigmented compared to the lighter ones. Like most drugstores shadows, the shadows are very chalky.


These are not some incredible smooth shadows, so blending and applying is more challenging. You will get the most of the shades if you use a white based primer, which I did in my look I used with this palette.

IMG_4212IMG_4213This was a swatch of how the colors appear with a primer underneath. It beings out the pigmentation and since this NYX eyeshadow base has a bit of shimmer, it creates a metallic shade.

IMG_4211 IMG_4209


Make up look using L’oreal Nude 2:

I applied my NYX eyeshadow base in “white pearl”

– Applied the lightest shade (#1) all over my lid for good transitioning

– Used shade #9 (the second to last shade-purple) in the crease

– Patted on shade #8 and #2 for a light shimmery pink

– Defined my lid with the darkest plum shade, #10, in the crease and blended upward

– I used shade #1 has a highlight in the inner corners and brow bone

– I went back to apply shade #2 for transitioning and blended

2015-02-03 03.53.31ย Since these palettes have been said they are similar to urban decay naked palettes, I wanted to compare them to a dupe of the Revealed palette from Coastal Scents. I posted this dupe a while back, and if you’re a hunt, the revealed are much better quality with more shades in the same price range than the L’oreal palette. The revealed two focuses on rose gold shades with some berry, where has the L’oreal mainly focuses on plum shades.



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