Western Summer OOTD – FreePeople Fashion Find

IMG_4522Hot weather calls for breezy dresses and floppy hats! I am a winter gal, I love layering long sleeves and of course boots! I am not exactly ready to pack up all my boots and move on to sandals. Here is simple way to incorporate some of our favorite winter attire into outfit for a breezy day.

IMG_4509 IMG_4533

I paired this plaid tunic from Free People with my favorite ankle cowboy boots. It was a windy and hot day today so something thin but can cover my body was great. Since Arizona is so hot, the sun beams down on you and it is necessary to have a hat or sunglasses to kind of keep you cool. 

IMG_4511 IMG_4508

I got this floppy hat from a stand in China Town, California back in September! It is too floppy for my taste, but I make it work when necessary!


As you can see, the dress has great detailing. This dress is the “Swing Me Baby Tunic” and you can check out this great deal from Nordstorm Rack for $32 (That is 72% Off)! What a great fashion find! I love the elastic cross overs on the back! I wore a caged barlette from Brandy Mellville to add to the plaid detailing. The cut of dress is my favorite part, IMG_4515it is cut in a V-Shape with frayed hem across the edges. On the sleeves there are zipper detailing, which is always a great touch and can be used to roll up the sleeves.

IMG_4531 IMG_4523

IMG_4540 IMG_4542

The only thing I will never get tired of in Arizona, is our mountains. I have always loved mountains, I grew up in a small town where there is LITERALLY a mountain in everyone’s backyard. I got use to being surrounded by the scenery so it is hard to live in a city sometimes. Luckily, Arizona has a mountain you can hike, visit, or admire a few minutes away from where ever you may be.


Thank you all so much! I love all the feedback and having conversations with everyone!

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