Magic Lumi Highlighter- HIT or MISS?!


There always so many “dupes” we see across Pinterest to highlight and contour. This magic lumi highlighter from L’Oreal has lots of talk, but does it perform a great highlight dupe? I have had the MAC prep + prime, and it is truly amazing! So trying to find a cheaper version is a must!

This is suppose to bring a natural light to your complexion and of course hide dark circles. This product does not do a great job for hiding dark circles. I have really dark under eyes, so masking them is a everyday necessity. IMG_4568 IMG_4569

This swatch shows how it does not make a difference once it is blended out. I usually need to apply a lot to achieve a “highlighted” look. This usually only works out on the bridge on my nose and my brow bone, and not the under eyes. When I had my MAC prep + prime (I ran out) I would be able to use it alone or over a concealer, it would look amazing! With this it does not change anything and just appear cakey if I put more than two layers.

IMG_4571The formula is thin, but can be a bit drying! The applicator is a thin painters brush type, that clogs the product sometimes and does not provide an even application.

I honestly do not think this is a great buy for being around $12. I rate this a MISS, in my book. Does not provide enough coverage nor highlights like a highlighter should. I think there is way too much to hype for this product. Maybe for someone who only uses concealer and not a lot of makeup this could be useful since it is so sheer. But other than that, it is not a dupe for any high end highlighter/concealer either.

I have miss you all so much! I finally got a new camera, so back to posting!:)

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