HIT or MISS? E.L.F Cosmetics: Contour Palette

IMG_5010 IMG_4998E.L.F. has been doing a great job with their new palettes, in a “quad” sleek style. Similar to their blush palettes, E.L.F. has bronzer, contour, and cream palettes now to try out! Also, keep in mind how affordable everything is! Sounds amazing, right?


ELF Contour Palette:

When I first put the contour palette to test, I was very disappointed. Now that I have experimented more I have been using it ever day. My main purpose of purchasing this new palette was because I have almost used up my favorite shades from my Cocoa Contour from TooFIMG_5009aced (Review Here)
and my Anastasia Palette (Review Here+DUPE). I have two jobs, and one is in a gym with ages 6-12, so for kids I do not need to my makeup perfect everyday. I love makeup, so I still do my makeup everyday but just needed simple products to still have a great makeup look. I have been using the E.L.F. Contour Palette everyday for a few weeks, and I discovered I mostly like the contour shades more.

IMG_5008The product itself is very powdery, but easy to blend with! This is a beginner friendly product and a easy to travel with product. The palette provides a light powder, yellow toned, cool tone and warm toned shades. I have been using both my damp beauty blender and tapered brush for the hightlight shades under my eyes, and two E.L.F brushes for the contour.

In some contour palettes, dipping your brush in the contour shades and trying to apply to your cheekbones tend to be too much. Since the shades are powdery and tend to have fall out, which can also be a good thing for the perfect amount of application. I personally need to go back and forth a lot more to create the look I want, compared to higher end brands, but enjoy the soft contour look with this formula.

Overall this product did not blow me away, but it was NOT a waste if money..especially for only six dollars! If you are able to grab your hands on it, well might as well. If you want me to do a tutorial on how I use it then make sure to leave feedback in the comments:) I would be happy to do so!

Once again, thanks for the support and is there any drugstore contour items you have been loving?

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Don’t forget you can watch my summer lookbook video here: https://youtu.be/NARWxbuHgRs, just in case you missed it!



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