New Covergirl Eye Products! HIT or MISS?

IMG_5075I have recently been trying the new covergirl “supersizer” mascara and “intensify me” eyeliner! I decIMG_5083ided to try it out since I have heard such great things, some saying it is the best mascara they have ever used! The eyeliner received a lot of talk, since it is a different invention.

“INTENSIFY ME!” Eyeliner:

This eyeliner is designed flat andIMG_5082 round of a intense black liquid eyeliner , to create a thick or thin eyeliner. The flat designed is similar to a paddle, so you can IMG_5081flip it to be thin or use it flat. I think this is a great idea, but it is hard to use. If you do not use liquid eyeliner often, this may be harder to get the hang of. It is very intense, toning it down takes more time to create a simple look. I think if the eyeliner was more thin instead of round and thick, it cIMG_5079ould be more useful.

For my eye shape, I need a thin line and maybe do a thicker wing for a dramatic look, this just makes my eyes appear small. It feels like pencil, and can get carried away easily if you’re not careful when applying. Since it is a round tip, a sharp fine wing is extremely difficult. I like formula just not the application, great idea but maybe could be altered to be less thick.

I say the eyeliner is a MISS, not missing much if you do not own this.


I have heard such great things from this mascara I was intrigued to purchase it. This is my first mascara drugstore buy in about 2 years, so it is a big deal to me to buy this. I usually hate drugstore mascara because it is dry and flakey to me. I have very small, short, straight eyelashes and very rarely I will find a mascara that creates a full appearance.

This mascara helps create a fuller look that stands out. The brush is skinner then gets wider in curved wand, to help get every lash. I like wiggling it left to right to the lash line and comb through my lashes rolling IMG_5078upwards to accomplish a curled full look. Since it combs through the lashes, this is a great clump-free mascara! Making my small eyes fanned out is a plus in my book!

The only con I noticed when I wear it, is that my eyelashes feel hard at the end of the day. Other than that everything else is amazing, especially for drugstore! I give this a HIT, if you’re on a hunt for a new drugstore mascara this may be the one for you!

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