Hit or Miss: Wet n Wild Contour Palette!

IMG_5093I finally got my hands on the Wet n Wild Contour Duo palette! I thought this could be purchased anywhIMG_5086ere but I guess it is an Walmart exIMG_5084clusive! Anyways, its only like 3 bucks so it is time to see what this palette has what it is, to be HIT or is it a MISS?

I also wanted to add some color into the picture & added peacock feathers to match a “wild” style!

IMG_5087How awesome to have a drugstore contour and highlight shades on the shelves these days. Contour is a must now for the makeup world, having the right tools to achieve a perfect jaw structure is crucial. When I first purchased the Anastasia one, I was skeptical because of the price. I have been on a hunt for some good drug store contour powders and creams.

This Wet & Wild powders are right away not for every skin tone.  This Duo us “750A Carmel Toffee” but that was the only shade that was there. Right now, my skin tone is a medium since it is summer, but I try to lean IMG_5088towards the light to medium type because I just dyed my hair blonde. My skin tone has more warm undertones, and the “highlight/illuminer” powder does not do too much for my skin. The highlight powder is very thin & not pigmented at all. I think this duo is less chalky than the ELF Contour Quad (which I did a previous post on) but not a diverse arrange of shades. I think the light shade would probably be more useful for someone with lighter skin tones and maybe peach undertones. For the swatches, I had to really rub my fingers in there for the light shade to appear.

The “contour” shade, I was actually pleased with. Not very pigmented at first, but very easy to blend. It feels lightweight and smooth, which is surprising for this duo. It is a cool toned shade and the perfect shade for many skin tones. I personally enjoy a warm glow/warm contour in the hot months, so I am not sure If i will use it a lot this summer.

A BIG PLUS to the duo, is the size! It is flat and a fairly large size for being a few cents more than 3 dollars!

IMG_5092 IMG_5091

Here are some size comparisons comparing to a camera lense cover to the L-shape of my hand (which I know you do not know the size of my hand, but you get the idea:D)

Overall, I was not blown away by the product, this is not something I need and probably wont lean towards it to use it, but love this affordable choice! I think Wet n Wild did a great job for continuing a affordable makeup line by adding in a contour palette, just think you can save those extra bucks this season and buy a ice cream instead! This could be perfect for a trip and I know I am probably bringing it when I head back to cali next week! Hopefully this helps you, I will let you know when I find the best drugstore contour soon:D

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Don’t forget you can watch my summer lookbook video here:https://youtu.be/NARWxbuHgRs, just in case you missed it!:)



  1. Great review! I picked up this palette and the Dulche De Leche palette. It has a banana “highlight” and a bit darker contour. I completely agree that the highlight does not have much pigment. I don’t hate the contour shades, they are a decent drugstore alternative. I find that I can build them up. I agree they blend out pretty well! I can only hope drugstore lines continue to put out contour and highlight palettes!

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