TOP 3 Face & Eye Brushes from E.L.F.

IMG_5268Top 3 Face and Eye brushes all from one the most affordable brands: E.L.F. Cosmetics. These are tools that will make your everyday routine faster because of how easy to use they are!



Small Tapered Brush: This brush is from their “ELF Studio” line, the tools with the sleek black style. This brush is easy to use, and completes every look. I use theIMG_5274 brush to contour perfectly and enjoy using it with IMG_5275my E.L.F. Contour Palette. I Place the tip of brush lightly and blend in circular motions in the hallows of my cheek, creating a precise or bronzed look. I also love this brush for highlighting and setting my under eyes!

IMG_5286 Essential Bronzing Brush: This brush was one of the first brushes I bought, I have repurchaseIMG_5284d it over 3 times, and love this brush! My brush is orange reddish which is the older version. E.L.F. Updated it with a smoother one. I see why, because the brush sheds a lot but for some reason I think it is amazing! I only use this blush, contouring, and bronzing, extremely easy to use so makes makeup fast and easy! I have only been able to find the older version at the dollar store.

Stippling Brush: I was not a big fan of stippling of IMG_5276brushes at first, but using this one from E.L.F. made me fall in love with it. This brush is perfect cream blush/bronzer and many liquid foundations and yes everything! I do admit it is not as great quality or ideal for full foundation routine, but does create a flawless finish if used correctly. Lately, I have been using it to blend in my cream products and apply my shimmer bronzer from Ipsy.


IMG_5282Studio Crease Brush: This brush is my absolute favorite for my eyes, I use it everyday. It is the right amount of “fluff” to blend and apply eyeshadow. Perfect for blending out eyeshadows look when clean, the tapered tip helps define your eyes.

I sometimes use this to highlight my cheekbones and a precise contour on my nose!

Eye Crease Brush: This brush is similar to the studio IMG_5281crease one, but less fluffy and more round. This brush is great to apply precise color and a sharp crease. This brush will provide a soft smokey look or a cut crease look.

Applying black shadows are easier with this brush especially on the lower lash line.

* I just re-purchased this brush at Big Lots for only 80 cents!

IMG_5278Eye Shadow Brush: Back to basics with this simple but efficient shadow brush! I personally love a gold shimmer on the inner corner of my lid to make my eyes pop. A must for a affordable brush to use for everyday.

It is not only great for all over shadow but also great to pop a highlight on your brow bone.

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  1. Love elf brushes! I have the eye crease and shadow brush too and they work so well! I used to love the stipple brush but when I repurchased to replace my old one, it seemed they sent me a faulty one or maybe it was redesigned.. But its not as dense. I love the big powder brush tho! Overall, they are really good for its price!

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