Meeting Bethany Mota (Youtuber with 9Mil+ Subscribers & Designer)

IMG_5530If you do not know who Bethany Mota is, she is 19 year old youtuber who has over 9 million subscribers on youtube and her own collection at Aeropostale. Her new line is now out, and she worked with Jeep to go on a tour to different Aeropostale IMG_5572across America. She came to Scottsdale Fashion Square in Arizona. Her meetup was at 10am-2pm but I arrived around 6:30am to avoid long lines. I was pretty close to the door, but the fans in the front arrived at 2:30am! That is crazy!

I just uploaded a new video of when I met her, my OOTD, and a GRWM of how I did my makeup!

You can watch and like my new video here:

If you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe so you do not miss out my next video!<3



      1. Oh, that’s okay. And isn’t that a bit ironic, though? She’s a YouTuber, so she vlogs (that’s one of the things she does, I know there’s way more, I love her channel haha :D) and then you can’t vlog at the meetups… Psh..

        I loooved your outfit and makeup. On point! πŸ˜€


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah she had people recording for her so I’m sure there will be a video soon! But yeah no selfies or anythingπŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ but it was still fun:) and thanks so much😁😁😁


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