Colour Pop: “Where the Light Is” Review

IMG_5750My favorite go-to makeup looks are warm and bronzey, which is also why I have adored Kathleenlights on Youtube. She has over one million subscribers and constantly shares her kind words with her subscribers and is very humble. Whether you need some makeup inspiration or a good laugh she can accomplish both in her videos. Awhile ago she collabed with ColourPop Cosmetics for a Lippie Pen and then after a foursome shadow kit named “Where the Light Is.”I have put off purchasing it but ColourPop has such affordable prices, I finally decided to test out some products!

IMG_5754These four shades are my type of shades! This foursome has 5 out of 5 star reviews, the shades included in “Where the Light is” are:

IMG_5756Price for four the foursome $20:

Glow–(Creamy Vanilla / Matte Finish),

Kathleenlights–(Bright Golden Copper / Pearlized Finish),

Blaze–(Coco Bronze Sprinkled with Multi-Dimensional Glitter / Metallic Finish),

Cornelious–(Mid-tone warm caramel / Matte Finish)

$5 Lippie Stix: Lumière (Dust Mauve Pink- Perfect for every skin tone)

$5 Lippie Pencil: Lumière (I did not order the lip pencil but ColourPop Creates an exact match of their lippie pens with a lippie liner)

  • I will include a seperate post on the lip products I puchased and the highlighter I also purchased soon:)

IMG_5773 IMG_5758

Glow–I love this shade for a inner highlight and the brow bone, it also is a great bright lid shade. This one does have a matte finish but still provides a nice glow that is not too over powering.


Cornelious–I love this shade for a transition color and even all over the lid. Another reason why I adore this is because Kathleen named it after her dog:) This shade can be used with so many different types of makeup looks and have already been using it everyday!

IMG_5775 IMG_5779

Blaze–This shade is more dramatic than others and has a metallic finish, it is extremely pigment and easy to blend!

IMG_5780 IMG_5782

Kathleenlights–This vibrant copper is my all time favorite. I could bathe in this shadow, I love the shade and the pearlized finish creates a perfect bronze look.

If you are not familiar with ColourPop all their products are a creamy/mousse type of formula. They are not loose shadows or pressed shadows into a palette. There are many different finishes, and this foursome has a great variety of their many finishes!

Overall, I am extremely impressed and have fallen in love with their products and proud of Kathleenlights:) Hopefully I will have a tutorial up soon, and I am excited for their fall collection to be released soon.



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