ColourPop Lip Products:


On my first purchase from ColourPop cosmetics I bought the “Where The Light Is,” a highlight, and two lip products. I just noticed how similar my two lip products I bought are but, also how different they are. I am extremely impressed by all their products and joined the ColourPop Train!

IMG_5793 IMG_5795$5 Lippie Stix: Lumière (Dust Mauve Pink- Perfect for every skin tone)

This Lippie Stix was a collab with Kathleenlights and ColourPop, which is just a perfect universal shade for anyone.

As you can see this mauve shade is not too pink and too nude, my favorite type of shades. This formula has a matte finish and a very smooth application. I love how it dries matte but is not sticky, does make your lips dry, and the pigmentation still shows! I noticed this Lippie Stix stays on for a majority of the day and does not smear or transfer product to any food nor cups. This lippie stix does take a little longer to dry than some matte lip products. Although it takes a while to dry it is not to a point where it has became a problem.

IMG_5798 IMG_5800

Ultra Matte Lipgloss Clueless $6.00 (dusty mauve pink)

One of ColouPop’s highest rated products are their Ultra Matte Lip Glosses. They are what they say they are..Ultra Matte! I have not tried many liquid lip glosses so I have nothing to compare these to, all I know is I love this formula.

Clueless is the glossier swatch on top and Lumiere is the swatch underneath.

I picked out another mauve pink shade because I know I will get the most out of it, and this one has 5 out of 5 star rating. The formula is thin and not watery, the pigmentation is still vibrant even though it feels so smooth and light. Once it dries, it leaves your lips with the perfect matte lip. It is so easy to apply, but make sure your lips are smooth and dry. For this lip product it is important to exfoliate first and do not use this if you are having a dry lip day. I used it when my lips were a bit chapped, and it did not look cute.

Lumiere was a great buy because even though it is similar to Clueless it is more hydrating than the Ultra Matte gloss. I think having both of these are perfect products to have!

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