ColourPop Highlight in “Wisp”

IMG_5785On my little ColourPop Order I also wanted to try out their highlighters, in hopes to find something similar to Champagne Pop (Becca Cosmetics colab with Jaclyn Hill Highlighter). I need that highlighter but for now I have just been looking for something similar. I think “Wisp” from ColourPop would be a great highlighter if you adore Champagne Pop. 

IMG_5784Since I do not own Champagne Pop I cannot say if this is a dupe or not but they are similar in colors.



Wisp is a Super Shock Cheek Pearlized formula, that is golden champagne with gold hues. If you love gold like I do, then this highlight is the perfect shimmer for your cheekbones! This runs for only $8 and the soft “bouncy” formula glides on smoothly for a long lasting glow.


I am trying my best to take makeup photos but I do not know why I cannot capture my makeup in a picture. Above is a picture of me using the highlight and if you can see it leaves a glowy look. I think Wisp is a universal highlight, it may look different on different skin tones but it still creates a natural champagne glow.

For ColourPop products, they stand out the most using synthetic brushes. For my highlight, I used a duo fiber synthetic brush for a natural glow. This product is easy to build up for something more “KAPPOWWW” or a more subtle princess look.

If you’re into strobbing this might be a good product for you, ColourPop also has come out with two different types of strobbing kits that seem very interesting to test out!

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  1. LOVING this highlighter I almost purchased it 2 weeks ago, but i was such a skeptic. Now you have changed my mind, thank you XO


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