TooFaced Foundation: Born This Way

I thought I was going to purchase this exact moment it came out online but I did not want to pick the wrong shade and figured I could wait until it arrived in stores. I am sure we all have probably heard of the new Born This Way foundation from Too Faced. TooFaced is my favorite brand, so hearing great reviews drove my brain wild and decided I NEEDED this foundation. I have been avoiding Sephora & Ulta to save money so I barely went in to purchase this a couple of weeks ago. Now I see why it has received all this promotion and has everybody talking about it!


I have heard mixed reviews, but more positive than negative. As you can see this foundation has adorable classy packaging, as always with TooFaced products. The bottle is frosted glass with black and gold accents. For all of us package lovers, TooFaced got us there!


The big packaging detail this foundation has is the glorious PUMP. If you’re paying 40 dollars for a foundation it better have a pump! Thanks TooFaced. I also adore the cap of the bottle with the traditional TooFaced symbol and fancy embellished detail.


Now, what makes the actual formula unique? Well I purchased the shade “natural beige” and I think it matches the rest of body perfectly. TooFaced has a good amount of shades that I believe many customers can find their match too, but maybe not a perfect match. TooFaced did listen to their consumers and are adding new shades this upcoming Fall! This foundation is medium to full coverage, but you could never tell by how it sets and feels on the skin, hense the name “Born This Way.”

This foundation is also Oil Free and also is made with Coconut Water.A problem with most full coverage foundation are that the foundations dries the skin. The Coconut Water is great for keeping your skin hydrating and radiant. Which leads into how this foundation leaves a radiant and youthful appearance without looking oily.

IMG_5836This foundation blends out thinner with a beauty blender, but is very buildable. I like to stipple and blend the product with a brush then smooth out the product with a damp beauty blender after. I think my makeup lasts a lot longer with this foundation and I do not feel cakey throughout the day. I have sensitive skin and this foundation has reacted perfectly with my skin. I love the smooth, radiant, and perfect complexion it gives! If you have tried this foundation let me know your thoughts:)

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Foundation seen on my latest pictures:

IMG_5817 IMG_5838



    1. Oh yeah they already came out!! And I have normal to dry, but people with oily skin have said it works well! It may not last as long/: I guess it kind of depends on how you set it. It doesn’t feel very watery or runny like some foundations, it’s oil free but is hydrating more than others.


  1. Such a gorgeous look! I looks TooFaced but this foundation just isn’t pale enough for me, the lightest of the shades has too much of a golden undertone for my pale skin. But it looks gorgeous on you! -Megan


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