How to Fit In? One Take Thoughts

I posted a new video of me being me and discussing something I am noticing as I am going back to school and that I have felt growing up. I just wanted to share some thoughts on a topic that others might be concerned about which is how to fit in. The best way to fit in, is not to fit in. Be yourself and do not worry about the people around you.

Back to school? New environment? Well, fitting in may be scary and a fear of yours BUT the best way to “fit in” is by being yourself. The worst thing is going somewhere new and pretending you’re someone you are not because society has made us believe we have to be “cool” to have friends. Don’t change yourself to fit someone else’s approvable, and do things that interest you and good friendships will come along with it. πŸ’—
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I just wanted to start a series on my channel that kind of deal with life problems and to share a little bit more about myself. “One Take Thoughts” will be a series on different topics where I just let the camera roll and I am talking to all of you! πŸ’—

Thanks so much for watching and thanks for all the support!

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