HIT or MISS? L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1:

I now have both Nude 1 and 2 by L’Oreal, here is what I think about the Nude 1. If you want to go and check out my review on the Nude 2 you can click HERE for swatches and more! The biggest question is.. is this a HIT or MISS from the drugstore?


Here is what the palette shades look like with 10 shades that consist of different finishes. The three finishes are: shimmery satin, buttery matte, and lustrous sheens. It is stated that these shades are highly pigmented and blend easily. Here are some swatches to show the pigmentation!


As you can see the darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter and shimmery nudes. These swatches have not primer underneath and are swatched with the brush that comes with palette.

IMG_5925 IMG_5927

The swatches above are in different lighting to get a feel for how the shades look like.

I personally like the browns and that nude beige pink shade in the palette. I wish there was a strong gold shade in here, but the gold sheen is not highly pigmented. When I use these shadows I like using my MAC paint pot in “painterly” to intensify the shimmers and mattes.

Another con for this palette would be a nice brow bone highlight. The sheer white and light pink shades seem almost invisible and did not give my brow bone a nice “glow.” The darker shades are actually buildable if you patience, they are so easy to blend so it does make a smokey look a bit easier!


The “buttery matte” are more chalky than as described but still work to blend well. For a drugstore buy I do believe this is a good palette, but not the best. If you already have a GREAT nudes palette you’re not missing much. Both Nude 1 and 2 are great to expand your basic eyeshadows, but not worth around 20 bucks in most stores.


I wont be gravitating towards this palette as much but did enjoy creating fast and easy nude eye looks with this palette! I enjoy Nude 2 better, so I am giving the Nude 1 a MISS. I am a sucker for nudes and shadows like this, just was not as amazed as I hoped for!

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