How To Style Overalls:

I wanted to share with you some outfit inspiration to a timeless piece in fashion, overalls. Now, overalls are not everyone’s favorite clothing item. Here is a cute way I styled my long overalls for an everyday outfit!

IMG_6009 IMG_6010

I have a light washed style overall so I decided to add some texture through my top and shoes. I found these overalls on clearance from Marshall’s, from Hollister, for $14! It was an awesome fashion find for sure! I also found a few more for an affordable price.

IMG_6021 IMG_6030

I am wearing a lace embroidered quarter sleeve top from Forever 21. This top is great for a transition into fall because it is not long sleeve, and is not a tank top from summer. This top is also not a crop top but lays right above my waist line. Since the sides of the overalls are open, it shows a little bit of my hips. It is not revealing and does no close off the outfit like a normal shirt would.

IMG_6016 IMG_6013

For my shoes, I am wearing an open cut pointed loafer style flat from the brand Qupid. Very affordable compared to other shoes from Nasty Gal and Top Shop that are very expensive. I wanted to wear brown shoes to incorporate more fall tones to accent the cream tones in my top.


As you can see, I also rolled up my overalls above the ankle for more of a relaxed fit. I am currently going through an overall phase, but I am planning on a video on how to style overalls. Hope you enjoyed my style post! I have so many great ideas, so make sure to be following my blog and also subscribed to my youtube channel:)

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I have been very busy with my classes and also just got a second job, thank you for supporting me and understanding my busy schedule!



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