Liquid Lipstick “Miami Fever” by KathleenLights from Ofra Cosmetics

I purchased the new liquid lipstick from Ofra Cosmetics a day or 2 after the launch. I adore KathleenLights from YouTube, and have purchased all her ColourPop collaborations and I love them all! You can check out my review on her eye shadow quads here, and here her lippie stix here.  This liquid lipstick from Ofra Cosmetics is unique. The shade, formula, and Kathleen herself are all unique. This different shade of “Miami Fever” is why I have not worn anything else for days!

IMG_6111 IMG_6114I understand that this shade may not be for everyone, but if you are appealed to this shade then your confidence will surely make it WORK! I was nervous to be purchasing a shade like this, it is different and thought it would not look good on my skin tone. This shade is a burnt orange red liquid lipstick, that is reminds me of fall in bottle. Arizona does not get very cold, so this firery orange reminds me of a hot Fall day.


I wish the packaging was better considering these are not cheap, they are a reasonable price but just wanted something more cute. Everyone loves good packaging! The formula is moisturizing and very light weight!

You can checkout this lip product from Ofra Cosmetics HERE. This long lasting liquid lipstick is for a limited time! I knew I had to get my hands on it, even though their site got serious traffic and I was not able to purchase until a few days after the launch. It is $19.90 but I used a discount code provided from Kathleen on her video regarding her colab. With shipping I paid around $16. It was worth it! I will be purchasing more from Ofra because of the great reviews I have heard, and now I have experienced it myself thanks to Kathleen.


Watch Kathleen’s Video on her liquid lipstick:

Her code for 40% off is: KATHLEEN40


Kathleen posted this picture on her Instagram of many people wearing the liquid lipstick including herself (bottom left picture). Many different skin tones are rocking this lipstick shade!



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