Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette Review/Swatches

IMG_6149I purchased the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette and I am in love with it. This palette by far is the best one I have used, there are some cons but the only I regret I have about this product is not buying it sooner. 


The packaging is very sleek and goes along with Kat Von D’s style. This comes with a huge mirror which is very useful. On the back it displays the shades name, I wish it was built in on the inside above the shades, but since it is only 6 shades it is not a big deal. This palette comes with 3 highlight shades, and 3 contour shades.


The formula:

  • smooth
  • easy to blend
  • buildable
  • silky
  • realistic shades
  • buttery & creamy
  • pigmented

swatches w names

Here are swatches of the top 3 highlight shades. The shade colors are a great variety for many skin tones. Levitation is a off white with a slight peach undertone. Lyric is my favorite shade, which is that perfect “banana” shade with yellow undertones. Lucid is a light peach/orange tone that I think sets my whole face well. It is also easy to somewhat “mix” these shades to create perfect to set your under eye and highlight with.


Kat Von D did a great in designing these contour shades because they realistically provide natural shading back into the face. The next 3 contour shades are mostly cool toned, which are sometimes hard to find.

contour shade names

Here are the three contour shades. Subconscious is a light cool toned brown/grey that is ideal for an easy contour. Shadowplay is the only contour shade that has a slight warm tone to it but still displays a natural shadow. Sombre is a deep cool toned chocolate brown shade that will create a more dramatic contour. For my skin tone I like mixing Subconscious and Shadowplay. For a more chiseled contour I like to use Shadowplay to warm up my skin then contour with Sombre.



  • Very powdery with a lot of fall out
  • Not refillable
  • Bulky packaging
  •  Not suitable for dark skin tones

Overall I personally am very impressed with this contour kit, but I can see why other reviews are not as excited about it as I am. For darker skin tones, I do not think this will be the best pick for your money. This palette most likely works on a a lot of skin tones, and it is easy to use as long as you don’t pick up too much product on your brush.

Since I have a few contour palettes I am thinking of doing a comparison on them, in hopes to help others pick out their perfect shade!



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