MUA Nude Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial:

I got my Palette from CVS here: CVS Mua Nude Eyeshadow Palette, They are priced at $14 but are 25% off and I got mine for about $10.00 in store. I will have a blog review and swatches soon(: Here is a step by step makeup tutorial using the Nude Palette.

Prime lids with your favorite eyeshadow primer then begin…

IMG_6221 IMG_6223

Taking this taupe powder and a fluffy blending brush from ItCosmetics into the crease for a transition shade.

IMG_6227 IMG_6230

Using this Trestique Shadow Stick as a base for the next shade, then blend out with a dense blending brush.

IMG_6231 IMG_6234

With a flat shadder brush, pat on this deep green/black shade on to outer portion lid.

IMG_6235 IMG_6239

With a fluffy blending brush, blend out the green shadow and apply this brown shade into crease while blending.

IMG_6238 IMG_6237

Repeat previous steps. Build up the shade and blend, blend, blend!

IMG_6240 IMG_6241

Take this creme based shade and use as a brow bone highlight

IMG_6242 IMG_6243

Take this gold shimmer shade and apply in inner corner and on lid.

IMG_6245 IMG_6247

Assure all the shades blend well. Then tight line bottom water line with black eyeliner for a more smokey look.

IMG_6248 IMG_6249

Set the eyeliner with a mixture of this brown and lid shade with a small angled brush. Smoke out for a smokey eye look:) Finish it off with your favorite mascara and if you would like apply your favorite falsies for a more dramatic look.


Then here is the Finished look! Hope you all enjoyed this look, I love doing these step by step tutorial. Breaking them down just makes it easier to create any look:)

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