MUA Nude Palette Swatches and More!


Here is a review on the makeup line sold at CVS, the MUA Nude Palette. MUA stands for Makeup Academy as a more professional and advanced line sold in the drug store. I have heard a few things about this brand but wanted to try some items myself. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and selection of these products. 



Here is the view of the Nude Palette. I like this palette a lot more than the Nude palette by Maybelline. These are fairly pigmented and is worth the $10.50 I spent. They are originally $14, but CVS had them for 25% off.



Here are the swatches for the top row. These do not have names but the lighter shades are not very pigmented. The third taupe shade and the shimmery light brown next to it have rose hues. The darkest shade which appears to be black, has green hues in it.

This palette has pear and matte finishes, a total of ten shades.


Here are the second row of shades showing more brown shimmers. The lightest shade does not really show up at all but it has been a good transition shade. The shimmery shades are more pigmented than the matte ones. This palette also comes with not a completely useless brush. It is not amazing but I think its better than normal double sided tiny ones drugstore palettes usually have. IMG_6284

Amua tutorialll of the shades are easy to blend and most are buildable. I created a darker makeup looking using this palette HERE.

What I like about this palette is the shades compliment each other. The different hues hidden in it can be brought out using the more plum hues or the more brown tones. I feel this palette than other palettes we have seen at the drug store. This is defiantly a great buy for beginners and to have for basic nude shades.

There are also a metallic palette and a smokey palette that I hope to try out soon from MUA:)

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