Evolution of Women Pants Timline

timeline page 1outline page 2 dress- pants

Modern styles today consist of sleek pantsuits, jeans, jumpers, and dresses. Before pants were an everyday wear, women everywhere were forbidden to wear “men’s” clothing. Dress was not only made for women, but men also wore this fashion. Over centuries, the evolution of the women pant slowly became what we see today. Men started to wear trousers and women styles developed into pants later, thanks to economic, environment, religion and social influences. The major push for women into wearing pants were them seeking equality and respectful power.

The evolution from women’s dress to women’s pants was not just a fashion statement, pants changed women and America forever. Freedom in speech, politically, and socially was all achieved thanks to the freedom that pants gave striving women. Pants were the movement throughout history. Although the complete progress took a while, we can idolize those women who stood out throughout in time as well as the styles of pants.

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