A Day at the Fair- 11.5.2015

IMG_6567My boyfriend and I have been dating or almost 4 years, Since March 18, 2012. I was a Sophomore when he was a Senior when we started dating, that year we found out that I have never actually been to the State Fair. I went for the first time in 2011 but did not do a lot when I was there. From the first year we started dating my boyfriend, Lorenzo, promised he would take me. Well, every year we never actually got around to actually going. Everyone knows how expensive state fair’s are…we never had the money to just throw away on fried food and rides. Finally, we made the plan to go!

We went to the fair on November 5, the last Thursday before it closes on Sunday! We got there during free admission hours, and also on wristband day. It was fun to enjoy one another’s company and laugh all the weird things you come across when you go to the fair, like maple bacon donuts and a lot of people watching.

We decided to go on all the crazy attractions first thing! We got a little carried away… since there was no lines when we arrived we did not have much time to rejuvenate after each ride. Nonstop spinning and flipping in a short amount time was not a great idea. After those rides we did not feel good the rest of the time we were there. Lorenzo and I decided just to walk around and enjoy some food, animals, and small rides.

IMG_6545 (1) IMG_6539


We loved the ferrisย wheel and zip line, nice and calm! After that we spent most of our time looking at the farm life. Earlier that day, someone found the missing baby goat! Someone stole a baby goat the night before, and a anonymous person found him on the side of the road and brought him back. Crazy story, so of course all these news stations were there to disclose this “breaking news.” The goat is very small and ADORABLE so very easy to hide and walk away with, especially in big crowds like the fair. The petting zoo was a lot of fun filled with small and large animals. We saw a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch.. ok adorable!

IMG_6547 IMG_6549 (1) IMG_6555 IMG_6559

We had lots of fun and I am working on our vlog right now! So we will have that up on our YouTube page hopefully very soon! Thought I would share a fun day we had together, hope you enjoyed!

IMG_6505 (1) IMG_6506 (1)

Outfit Details:

  • Top: Free People
  • Scarf: Charolette Rouse
  • Shorts: F21
  • Socks: Target
  • Boots: Breckelle’s Brand


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