Favorite Layering Pieces- Rocksbox

Layering clothing and accessories can transform any outfit. Adding your own style to the items purchase is how we present ourselves. Being creative all the time is not always easy. My favorite pieces from Gojana line from Rocksbox always add that extra ‘something‘ to my outfits.

IMG_6703Although some pieces do not come as a “set” they always compliment each other and give me the freedom to mix & match. Here is how I have been styling some of my favorite Rocksbox pieces!

Sign up for first month free to Rocksbox.com with code “ANICAMZXOXO” at sign up. More information HERE.


Pieces I’m wearing:

  • Gorjana
    Mave Lariat Necklace
  • Gorjana
    Mika Mini Plate Necklace
  • Gorjana
    Crescent Layer Necklace in Gold

I love adding scarfs, hats, and berry lipstick for that fall to winter look! These necklaces can be worn separate, mix & matched, or layered! Perfect time to sign up for Rocksbox.  Great for the upcoming holiday events, when we need jewelry to accessorize with!


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