Black & Brown Suede

I cannot help but fall in love with suede, especially brown shades of suede. I am the type of person who purchases brown shoes instead of black. To me brown matches with everything. I am trying to wear more black shoes and other colors that aren’t apart of browns, but here is my simple outfit that consists of black and browns. 

IMG_6735IMG_6740Arizona is finally catching up to the colder weather it is now 70 degrees with a low of 41 degrees. Therefore, our Fall has just begun when winter is approaching. Here is my simple layering that helps me imagine a colder day. This outfit would also go great with tights if it was colder out!

Turtle Neck Black Crop Top- Forever 21 $7Tan Suede Shift Dress- Target (Found at Target for $8)Black 50/50 Unisa Suede Boots- DSW  Rocksbox -Gorjana
Mika Mini Plate Necklace



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