Favorite Layering Pieces- Rocksbox

Layering clothing and accessories can transform any outfit. Adding your own style to the items purchase is how we present ourselves. Being creative all the time is not always easy. My favorite pieces from Gojana line from Rocksbox always add that extra ‘something‘ to my outfits.



What is in my 1st Rocksbox?!

IMG_5447I received my first Rocksbox when I came back from my vacation. I was gone a little over a week and did not bring my laptop, which explains the lack of posts. Anyways, I am so excited to share my pieces from my Rocksbox! My wishlist consisted of delicate and some statement pieces, I received a great blend of my “style” thanks to Rocksbox.

Gorjana Crescent Layer Necklace in Gold:


I really enjoy layering my necklaces but can never find any in stores I like. I received this light necklace with a thicker gold accent to go with many outfits! I love jewelry that can add accent to a variety of styles.

Perry Street Brianna Bracelet:

IMG_5419 IMG_5428

I have always wanted a bracelet like this, the gems give it a subtle statement without overpowering other pieces.

IMG_5439 IMG_5437

Sophie Harper Pavé X Ring in Gold:


Simple rings have been a trend especially layering them or having designs. The “x” style on this ring compliments gold/silver jewelry to tie in a look all together.


IMG_5443If you’re interested in testing out you can enter code “anicamzxoxo” at checkout when signing up and receive first month free!

For more infromation you can check out this POST on how to do so and what it is:)

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