Arizona State Fair Vlog

Weย have been having an enormousย amount of trouble uploading this vlog for the past week but we finally got it up! It is just a vlog to share what we did and look back on:) We are so goofy and wanted to share it with everyone, family, friends, and any viewers:) Thanks for the positive feedback on my state fair vlog post, I hope you take the time to watch and give feedback as well. Thanks again!

-Anica & Lorenzo

State Fair Blog Post: HERE

I also have an important question! I have not been posting on my blog because I ran out of memory in my media library.. to upgrade its $80+ Does anyone know of way to put pictures without using the media library here on wordpress? I tried flikr but wordpress does not support the embed codes through my posts. If anyone knows of another way, please let me know! I do not have money to be paying that each year/: If you know for a fact it is impossible then please tell me so I know forsure:)


A Day at the Fair- 11.5.2015

IMG_6567My boyfriend and I have been dating or almost 4 years, Since March 18, 2012. I was a Sophomore when he was a Senior when we started dating, that year we found out that I have never actually been to the State Fair. I went for the first time in 2011 but did not do a lot when I was there. From the first year we started dating my boyfriend, Lorenzo, promised he would take me. Well, every year we never actually got around to actually going. Everyone knows how expensive state fair’s are…we never had the money to just throw away on fried food and rides. Finally, we made the plan to go!

We went to the fair on November 5, the last Thursday before it closes on Sunday! We got there during free admission hours, and also on wristband day. It was fun to enjoy one another’s company and laugh all the weird things you come across when you go to the fair, like maple bacon donuts and a lot of people watching.